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Permanent Staff

Research Line: Literature, Society, and Interarts


Research Interest   

Camila Paula Camilotti


Relationships between Anglophone Literatures and Intersemiotic Translation. Shakespearean Studies and dramatic text.

Marcos Hidemi de Lima


Brazilian novels, from the 19th and 20th centuries, in which the marks of the patriarchal order are present, especially in those works whose clash between male and female figures is one of the main guiding threads of the plot.

Mariese Ribas Stankiewicz 


Representations of gender and women’s studies in literature, cinema and/or theater, within the scope of English-speaking cultures. Research that addresses the subject’s representations in Irish literature, cinema and/or theater can also be accepted.

Maurício Cesar Menon


Literature. Baroque Poetry. Fantastic Literature. Historical fiction and nineteenth- and twentieth-century novels. Literature and music. Utopias and dystopias.

Mirian Ruffini


Literary translation with focus on the Portuguese/English language pair, under the perspective of descriptive, polysystematic and cultural studies. English-language literature. English language literature in comparatist studies.

Wellington Ricardo Fioruci


Brazilian and Hispanic-American literatures, by addressing the narrative genre. Studies concerning contemporaneity, comparative literature, and relationships between literature and other arts.


Research line: Language, Education, and Work


Research Interest   

Ana Paula Petriu Ferreira Engelbert


Teaching and learning of English as a foreign language. English Phonetics and Phonology and pronunciation teaching. Foreign language teaching methodologies. English as a foreign language teacher education.

Anselmo Pereira de Lima


Studies aimed at language issues in the Clinic of Teaching Activity (Clínica da Atividade Docente). Applicants should be acquainted with the Clinic at https://formacaoesaudedoprofessor.com.

Cláudia Marchese Winfield


Cognitive aspects of reading comprehension. Cognitive processes of L2 writing and translation in the Portuguese-English language pair. Cognitive aspects of L2 learning and acquisition. Bilingualism studies.

Didiê Ana Ceni Denardi


Language and education in the perspective of the socio-discursive interactionism. Teaching and learning process of English as an additional language. Teacher education and identity.

Letícia Lemos Gritti


I am interested in research from the perspective of theory and Linguistic Analysis, with studies more specifically on the interfaces of grammar, by analyzing language through a more structural bias, without disregarding the discursive. Focus on analysis of oral and written textual productions, which involve semantics, pragmatics, and mechanisms of argumentation.

Márcia Andréa dos Santos


Text and Discourse Studies – Discourse Analysis and Semiotics. She has a special interest in working with issues related to representations, imaginary and multiculturalism intertwined in the teaching process and in teacher education.

Maria Ieda Almeida Muniz


Research focused on Discourse Analysis of French orientation with the objective of investigating human work in diverse contexts. In this regard, she uses the method of self-confrontation. She works with the notions of interdiscourse, ethos, formulas, and dialogism, among others.

Siderlene Muniz-Oliveira


Relations between language and educational activity, including the studies of textual/discursive genres (e.g. digital, journalistic, literary, etc.). Teaching work. Teacher’s education.

Susiele Machry da Silva


Phonological Acquisition in Mother Tongue (L1) and foreign language. Variation in Mother Tongue. Language Teaching.

Taísa Pinetti Passoni


Applied linguistics and language studies. Teachers’ education. Additional language teaching. Language policy and planning. English language and contemporaneity. English language and internationalization of higher education.

Contributing Professors

Research Line: Literature, Society, and Interarts


Research Interest   

Égide Guareschi


Works of Brazilian and Italian literatures, especially of a poetic genre, written between the 19th and 21st centuries. Studies related to comparative literature and its developments.

Marcia Regina Becker


Transmedialities, in which global anglophone and related literatures – English and Shakespearean drama as possible flagships – will take part.