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Topics of interest


Carlos Marcelo de Oliveira Stein
Lines of Research: Power electronics, static converters, power converters, power supply, photovoltaic generation system, and smart-grids. 

Dalcimar Casanova
Lines of Research: Computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, data science, convolutional graphs, complex networks, reinforcement learning, nonlinear control, natural language processing, non-euclidean domains. 

Emerson Giovani Carati
Lines of Research: Digital signal processing and control systems with applications to electrical drives, static converters, and energy systems.

Fábio Luiz Bertotti
Lines of Research: Biomedical engineering, Sensors and Electronic instrumentation, Measurements systems, Embedded systems.

Giovanni Alfredo Guarneri
Lines of Research: Electronic Systems for Measurement and Control.

Gustavo Weber Denerdin
Lines of Research: Embedded systems, real-time operating systems, instrumentation, wireless sensor/actuator networks, communication systems/protocolos, digital signal processing, and power system monitoring. 

Jean Patric da Costa
Lines of Research: Systems of Control Applied to the Distributed Generation, Smart Grids, Electrical Machines and Electrical Drives, Static Potency Converters Connected to the Electrical Network.

Juliano de Pelegrini Lopes
Lines of Research: Static Potency Converters, Electronic Systems Applied to Lighting.

Kleiton de Morais Sousa
Lines of Research: Fiber-Optic Sensors, Fiber-Optic Devices. 

Marcelo Teixeira
Lines of Research: Discrete Events Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Flexible-Lean-Advanced Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, synthesis of controllers for industrial processes, industrial automation, automatic synthesis of software. 

Rafael Cardoso

Lines of Research: automatic control systems, signal processing, power converters control, energy storage systems, smart-grids, and power quality.

Ricardo Vasques de Oliveira

Lines of Research: Power system dynamics and control, wind generation, large photovoltaic power plants, microgrids, distribution systems.



Ivo de Lourenço Júnior

Lines of Research: Photonic Devices; Fiber-Optic Sensors.


Associated Researchers

Alberto Vinícius de Oliveira

Lines of Research: Electrical characterization of semiconductor devices, development of electrical static converters for application on microgrids.

Cassius Rossi de Aguiar

Lines of Research: Energy management and control of microgrids, Power converters.

Érick Oliveira Rodrigues
Lines of Research: Discrete mathematics, optimization, biological and medical image processing, artificial intelligence, metaheuristics, visual computing and computer graphics.

Jefferson Tales Oliva

Lines of Research: Machine Learning, Signal and Natural Language Processing, and Methods and Tools Development for Medical Data Processing.

Marcos Paulo Belançon
Lines of Research: Solar energy materials and interactions between light and matter.

Yuri Kaszubowski Lopes
Lines of Research: Swarm Robotics, Supervisory Control Theory, Machine Learning, System Identification, and Model Predictive Control.