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Agreements and Partnerships

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Cooperation Projects


The PPGSIS group of professors work in cooperation with several public and private institutions in Brazil.

1.Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) – Embrapa
1.1  National Center for Forest Research - CNPF, located at Colombo/PR. The partnership occurs through research projects developed at PPGSIS by professors Michele Potrich, Everton Ricardi Lozano da Silva, Americo Wagner Junior and Eleandro Jose Brun, with researchers Leonardo Rodrigues Barbosa, Ivar Wendling, Rodrigo Cezar Franzon. The studies involve Forest Insect Control and Forestry management.
2.1  National Center for Climate Temperate Agricultural Research, CPACT, located at Pelotas/RS, in which Prof. Américo Wagner Júnior develops projects in partnership with researchers Luis Eduardo Corrêa Antunes, Newton Alex Mayer, and Vanderley Porfirio da Silva.
3.1  National Center for Soybean Research, located at Londrina/PR, in which Profs. Everton Ricardi Lozano, Michele Potrich, and Sérgio Mazaro have partnered with researchers Adeney de Freitas Bueno and Mauricio Mayer in the Biological Control and Entomology research lines.

2. Instituto Agronômico do Paraná (Paraná Agronomic Institute) - IAPAR.
Professor Lucas Domingues is a partnership with Researcher Nelson Fonseca in the evaluation of bean strains of the Brazilian Southern Bean Network.

3. Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Federal University of Santa Maria) – UFSM.
Professor Eleandro Brun and César Finger works in partnership with professors of the Postgraduate Program in Forest Engineering at UFSM in joint projects and publications. In 2013, a new scientific journal was created, entitled Journal of Forest Ecology and Nutrition - ENFLO (http://www.enflo.com.br), in which Professor. Dr. Eleandro José Brun is part of the editorial board. Furthermore, Professor Elisandra Pocojeski has established partnership with Prof. Ricardo Simão Diniz Dalmolin and, prof. Lucas Domingues has partnered with the Bean Breeding Research Group. Prof. Sérgio Mazaro has joint works with Prof. Auri Brackmann of UFSM, who is coordinator of the Post-Harvest Research Center, with an advanced laboratory structure.

4. Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Federal University of Santa Catarina) - UFSC
Professor Americo Wagner Jr. has a partnership with professors at the UFSC, with an agreement in projects for the dissemination of knowledge and research on potential species for ecological agriculture and agroforestry systems. Also, at UFSC, Professor Dalva Paulos has a partnership with Prof. Leosane Bosco in the study of gladiolus.

5. Universidade do Estado da Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina State University) - UDESC
Professor Americo Wagner Jr. works in research projects on potential species for ecological agriculture and agroforestry systems in partnership with UDESC.

6. Universidade Federal do Paraná (Federal University of Paraná) - UFPR
Prof. Sérgio Miguel Mazaro has joint actions with Professors Cicero Deschamps and Louise Larissa May-De-Mio. Prof. Elton Celton also has a partnership with researchers Dr. Ciro Alberto de Oliveira Ribeiro and prof. Dr. Luís Fernando Fávaro at the Laboratory of Cellular Toxicology and Fish Reproduction of the UFPR.

7. Universidade Federal de Pelotas (Federal University of Pelotas) - UFPEL
Professor Pedro Moraes has a partnership with professors Géri Meneguelo, Luis Eduardo Panozzo, and Francisco Amaral Villela working with seed vigor and postharvest.

8. Universidade Estadual de Maringá (Maringá State University) - UEM
Prof. Elton Celton has a partnership with prof. Dr. Alberto José Prioli, responsible for the General Genetics Laboratory. The focus of this partnership is to enable further research with modern analysis and protocols.

9. Universidade Estadual de Londrina (State University of Londrina) - UEL
Professors Everton Ricardi Lozano and Michele Potrich have partnered with Professors Pedro Manuel de Oliveria Jan Neves and Gislayne Trindade Vilas-Boas working on biological and alternative insect control. Prof. Michele Potrich conducts a work focused on bee product selectivity in conjunction with Prof. Silvia Helena Sofia.

10. Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná (State University of Western Paraná) - Unioeste
Prof. Michele Potrich has partnered with Prof. Maria Hermínia Tavares in a research analysis evaluating the presence of insecticide in honey.

11. Non-governmental organizations - Assessoar, Rede Ecovida and CAPA
Professors Américo Wagner Jr., Eleandro Jose Brun, Gilmar Antonio Nava, Michele Potrich, Everton Ricardi Lozano da Silva, Paulo César Conceição, and others have partnerships in research and extension projects, developing activities in agroecology and agroforestry systems, involving research participation and technical visits in several rural properties in the region.

Professors Sérgio Miguel Mazaro, Pedro Valerio Dutra de Moraes, Michele Potrich, Paulo Adami, Paulo Cesar Conceição, and Everton Ricardi Lozano da Silva have joint actions with a company that produces organic corn, soy, and wheat, represented by Marcio Alberto Challiol, a company based in southwestern region of Paraná. The work done by the professors is mainly to solve the main problems in organic production, which are the control of diseases, insects, and weeds.

13. Private companies – Araupel, Simbiose, Spraytec, Ballagro
Professors Eleandro José Brun, Michele Potrich, Everton Ricardi Lozano da Silva, and Sergio Miguel Mazaro have agreements with these private companies, conducting research and extension activities.



1. National University of Misiones - UNAM (Argentina)
Prof. Eleandro José Brun has partnered with UNAM in projects regarding the production and industrialization technology of bamboo.

2. National Agricultural Technology Institute - INTA (Argentina)
Prof. Eleandro José Brun has partnered with INTA regarding the production and industrialization technology projects on bamboo.

3. Experimental Station of Class Dei, Superior Council of Scientific Investigations - CSIC (Spain)
Professor Americo Wanger Junior has a project in partnership with Dr. Maria Ángeles Moreno Sanchez.

4. University of Santiago de Compostela - USC (Spain)
Professors Sérgio Mazaro and Lucas Domingues are leading actions at this university, which has resulted in signed agreements. This agreement provides for the development of joint research, professor and student exchanges.

5. University of Bragança (Portugal)
Professors Sérgio Mazaro and Lucas Domingues have leading actions at this university, which has resulted in signed agreements. These agreements provide for the development of joint research and professor and student exchanges.

6. Southampton University (England)
Professors Everton Ricardi Lozano and Jucelaine Haas maintain research relationships with Prof. Guy M. Poppy in the field of insect-plant interactions.

7. Oregon State University (United States of America)
Prof. Jean Possenti has research partnership on seed analysis with Prof. Elias Sabry.

8. University of Kentucky (United States of America)
Prof. Pedro Moraes has partnerships with prof. Jonathan Green.

9. University of Catania (Italy)
Prof. Michele Potrich has an agreement with Prof. Antonio Biondi for the development of joint research and professors and student exchanges.