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Food Technology Program

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Brief description

The Professional Master is a stricto sensu graduation modality reformulated by CPAES/MEC under the Enactment no. 17, of 28 November 2009, which emphasizes the studies and techniques oriented to the high-level development of professional qualification. The main objective of the PPGTAL is to form human resources with technical-scientific knowledge of quality to act on the service industry and company in the field of food, so to have a solid formation in Food Technology and Food Technological Processes, involving the transformation technology, post-harvest, processing and conservation of animal and vegetable raw materials and the quality control. Therefore, the formed professional will be able to meet the food industry demands, providing it with adequate technology for food production, transformation and distribution. The field of evaluation by CAPES is Food Science.

Concentration field: Food Technology


Lines of Research

Technology of Vegetable-Originated Products
Processing of vegetable-originated products. Studies of Raw Materials. Processes optimization. Quality Control. Biodegradable films. Active principles for products of vegetable origin.

Technology of Animal-Originated Products
Studies of raw materials: dairy, beef, pork, poultry, goat meat, and fish. Development of products and processes. Hygienic-sanitary control. Quality Control. Meat Quality.